Food for H.O.P.E – September 2021

Food is my “love language”.

I don’t need to get fancy with my cooking, but it’s become clear to me that feeding those I love and those I care for is very much a part of who I am.

For my family and for myself (it’s important to remember to show ourselves as much love as we show others) it looks like this:

  • Sitting down each week and planning out our family dinners.
  • Shopping to stock the house with healthy and delicious staples, along with the ingredients for our weekly dinners.
  • Making time to cook each evening.
  • Sitting with my family for our meal and talking about how we enjoyed the food.  Will the recipe become a favorite or will we be happy to make this our last use of it?

For others, I’ve come to show my love and care through food as well.  Of course, my entire career involves helping individuals learn to choose foods that nurture, heal, and will help them to achieve lifetime goals.  But, in addition to this, I’m able to share food with the community through a program offered by a local organization here in Longmont.

H.O.P.E  has created an amazing grass-roots type of program to help feed those who are currently without a home and those who deal with food insecurity.

Homeless Outreach Providing Encouragement, is the very fitting name of this organization.

The HOPE “Soup Angels” program brings together a community of individuals and organizations who offer home cooked food and a warm space to sit down and enjoy a potluck style meal.  HOPE also has programs to provide clothing, temporary housing, safe-lots, shower facilities, and of course encouragement to people currently without housing in Longmont.

I’ve been cooking meals for H.O.P.E once a month for about 4-5 years now and I’m grateful for the opportunity they’ve provided to spread a bit of love and care out into the world beyond my family in a way that means so much. Food brings joy, comfort, energy, community, nourishment, and hope.  What better way is there to serve others?

Check out my “Food for H.O.P.E” posts each month to see what I’m preparing:

September 2021 H.O.P.E meal: Instant Pot Baked Ziti   (with added lean ground turkey)/ Paired with Mandarin Oranges

(recipe credit: